Back to where it all began


Going back to Raja Yoga Meditation classes after 15 years

For those that follow me on Instagram. I’ve been pretty candid as of late about my journey with mental illness and my determination to break free, rewire the subconscious thoughts that were holding me back and live a life in alignment with my dreams. This journey of healing has been a roller coaster of ups and downs but ultimately accepting the ride and going with the flow has made this journey the most healing time of my life, yet!

As I prepare to launch my YouTube channel and share the tools and lessons that have been working for me to create change, I’ve noticed the anxiety around expectations of both myself and how others will receive this raw and open content.

I made an intention this year to practice meditation every single day. I came to believe that daily practice was extremely important but every time I went to mediate, the to-do list and worries about my dreams and goals went into high gear.

I know something had to change and quick, we were already one week into the first month of the new decade and I was feeling let down by not being truthful to this new goal. What was holding me back from letting go during meditation? I decided to let it go and rest. That is when the divine universe interrupted me and I remembered the very thing that created drastic change in my life and perspective almost 15 years ago: Raja Yoga.

I immediately went on a search frenzy on Google and was delighted to find a centre so close to my house with a new semester of classes starting the next day. Coincidence? Of course, not.

I called, enrolled and jumped for joy within 5 minutes.

This past Friday was the first class and as soon as I walked in the doors I knew this was the beginning of yet another level to my healding.

For those of you that don’t know, Raja Yoga is a type of meditation with the goal is self-control and discipline. This is done by regularly observing thoughts without getting involved. Simply observing so that you can change them to more positive and energetic thoughts.

In class one we learned all about how to increase the positive thoughts by being mindful in day to day activities. For example, when we are enjoying a meal: there are 4 different thanks yous we can offer

  1. Thank you to all the farmers who planted this good
  2. Those who delivered the food to the grocery store where I purchased
  3. Those who prepared the food. If I prepared it, thank you for all the kitchen and place to do so
  4. Thank you to my body for accepting this food and nourished fuels my body and provides me with energy to live.

Relatively simple right, but this gratitude can be extremely powerful with consistency. It increases the positive energy, and types of thoughts.

Another important element of Raja Yoga that differs from any other meditation practice is keeping your eyes opened. The idea here to teach the brain to be able to access this relaxed state at any time of the day and not separating it. This has been very powerful for me and made it easier to implement in my life because it erases any obstacle that may be preventing you from meditating.

I’m happy to report that since Friday, I have meditated daily for over 30 minutes. I’m enjoying this time again and can’t wait to learn more during this course. There is so much more to learn but it feels so great and aligned going back to where it all began for me.

If you are interested in learning more about Raja Yoga, L’Emergence Brahama Kumaris Centre in Montreal is starting their next session of courses in April.

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