Healing isn’t linear. A message from the Goddess of Light


Everything is in order.

I’m making plans for the future.

Feeling inspired.

This feeling is strange but I quickly get comfortable.

New friends named Self- Esteem and Confidence join me while old ones, Despair and Lost slip away

Slowly, feeling happy feels natural.

Filled with energy and excitement, I realize I’m on a journey of healing.

This path is filled with brightness and warm sun

there is a stream that sparkles with light

It smells sweet and is filled with colour

I want to scream from the mountain tops with this new knowledge that I’m not broken, I’m normal again, world!

I begin enjoying my favourite things.

I actually want to go out

I want to help others

I enrol in programs of healing




Learn about Chakras and how to ground unbalanced emotions

Regain faith and go back to classes of Spirituality

And then, without notice, there is sudden pain

I’m in shock and the light on this new path goes dark.

I cant see and I’m scared.

Where do I go?

I can’t possibly be going backwards

I fight with all my strength to find the path of beauty

but it feels hopeless,

And then I hear a whisper

“It’s okay,” it says “You are still on the right path. “

Confused, I reply, ” Thank you but I don’t understand how this could possibly be part of the same path. You see, I’m on a journey of healing”

” I understand” the whisper replied “But I promise you it is, and although you may not see it, you are stronger than before and will get through this pain. It’s temporary, my love. And when you find the light you’ll begin to trust yourself again. You’ll be proud that you made it through. The journey of healing is not linear. You will most likely come across another part in the journey that doesn’t seem as bright but every time you arrive in a shadow of happiness, your visits will be shorter and shorter. You will learn how to let it happen without attachment. To flow through you without getting stuck. The secret is not getting too comfortable there. The brighter paths will become brighter and brighter. You will become stronger and stronger. You are healing every day and filled with healing intentions that will help others. Trust the path, it’s leading you there”

I feel calm. I may still feel unsure but I feel safe. “Who are you, Whisper?” A spirit guide, guru, a fairy?”

The whisper chuckles ” Sure, I can be all those things but truthfully I’m just you. Your intuition, your gut and your truth. You are a child of the universe and have all the answers within the galaxy of your mind. One day you will understand your true form, that you are a Goddess of light. Your star soul will always be with you, guiding you and you will guide others. Healing is not linear.

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