Can we stop hiding the evidence of our weirdness?


In a world where we can tweak and filter the way we present to the world; it can be tempting to create a picture-perfect image. But is it not the weird, awkward, mad and silly parts of ourselves that make us human? If yes, then why do so many of us hide these qualities in shame?
Being vulnerable takes courage but what if living life WHOLEHEARTEDLY and authentic is what leads to a life fully lived. A life filled with love and a meaningful connection.
Being vulnerable is to embrace the FULLNESS of our being. Because, honey, if you are hiding your “darkness”, you are also hiding your light.
Enjoy the awkwardness life offers. I’m here to remind you that your story is worth sharing and that your madness is what makes you beautiful. Vulnerability need not be feared, it is refreshing, satisfying and to put it bluntly, the alternative is a life in hiding which is no good for any of us. Share your gifts. Celebrate when you witness others sharing theirs. Confidently, share your weirdness with the world cuz damn, you fine! ?????

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