I left your spaceship
No longer your captive
I’m a drifting star on my way to better
Making home on other planets.

The stars will catch me
And we will dance in constellation as I forget to connect dots of the spell you had me under.

You can tempt with your coyness
Your sly glance is crafty and alluring
But im not interested
I used to see the galaxy in your every step
Your eyes used to reflect the universe and your touch sent shivers into my dreams of cosmos and false belief that you were my partner in this space exploration

The truth hit like an asteroid that I’m a futuristic creature you weren’t brave enough to discover

It’s okay
The new moon is approaching
You too will dance in a meteor shower
No longer your captive
my blood is a crashing tidal wave against the cliff you carelessly hung me from

But I didn’t fall
Inhaling the truth and beauty ofmy eternal light
I floated into space you don’t see

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