The best way to Control Blood sugar Without Medicine


People may tell that it is really difficult to keep control of the Glucose levels without medication. although it is possible with dietary restrictions as well as lifestyle changes.

The following are the some of the key tips to regulate the blood sugar levels.


Diet is the first thing will come to mind when we talking about limit the blood sugar amounts. Take less foods and carbohydrate should have very low glycemic index with moderate levels of protein and fiber. And take quite a small amount of food, avoid bulky eating of meals.

Drinking Water

Drinking water may also helps in reducing the diabetes sugar ranges. Diabetics are advised to consume plenty of water each day. And it does not mean drinking other fluids like soft drinks, coffee, glucotrust medical reviews and tea. Just take plenty of water everyday.

Eating fruits

Consuming fruits should be better somewhat taking different bulky meals, taking fruits  that has citric acids  helps to reduce the weight so that the blood glucose levels are in control. Rose apple, Apple, Grapefruit, Orange and all citrus fruits are really beneficial to bring down the blood sugar amounts.

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