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Another word of advice from Olymp Trade is that you should never start directly with actual money trading. Learn how to buy & sell, conduct technical & fundamental analysis and master profitable trading strategies. You’ll learn some practical ways to master price action trading and become a better price action trader. Price action trading is typically done by analysing candlestick patterns which show the relationship between buyers and sellers in a given time period. When you observe a pin bar on a chart, it is usually an indication of reversal or rejection of a specific price. Trading on the trading platform offers the opportunity to earn and receive up to 92 percent of profits from a single transaction if the price of a trading instrument is correctly predicted to increase or decrease by the platform. The platform interface is localized into 19 languages. The platform is optimized for all mobile devices, whether old or new, and available for free on both iOS and Android. LiveLike is a VR platform that has built a virtual stadium to bring the thrill of game-day stadium experiences to the comfort of your living room.

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