Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Pictures In Arms FRIDAY!


In any other case, her days are filled with typical cativities: eat, sleep, drink out of the faucet, have stare-downs with squirrels on the porch roof (they know she won’t catch them, let alone do any injury if she does, so they’ve mainly adopted her as their beloved Aunt Scowlypuss), teach our canine Haley who’s boss, de-wing houseflies, purr when skritched, phone-bank on behalf of down-ballot Democrats, and switch down any meals not topped with beluga caviar. On 60 Minutes: stories on racism within the navy and the world’s newest volcano (apart from Mike Lindell after hearing his conspiracy theories have been debunked). We have to take a look at how you can reenter the world by way of our world leadership because it pertains to peace and safety. That’s an important piece that I’m going to work on with our subcommittee by way of funding. So: Glad Birthday Mr. Former Senate Majority Chief!

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